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About The Traveling Clatt

Hi I'm Tal

and welcome to the rest of your life...

Welcome to my Patreon Page! I make travel and food videos around the world! I live quite the unusual life traveling from country to country trying to gain and learn as much as I can from our GLOBAL CLASSROOM! I'm a goofy and wacky guy and I'm all about having fun while I travel. 

For the past 4 years I've been exploring different countries and trying to live a life full of adventure. But now I want to make a show. Exploring the weird and wacky and everything in between and post in all up on my youtube channel for the world and my audience to see! 

Some of my goals for the future include: 
  - Establishing a show that entertains my audience.
-Finding some seriously insane foods and experiences in North America. 
- Taking this show global and reach a wild international audience.

All your moolah will go directly to improving on my current content! Things like food, accommodations, and travel are just some of the costs that will be subsidized by your support! THE ULTIMATE GOAL HERE is to make the channel independent of sponsors and ads. More patrons means less advertisements for you so lets so what we can do!

Unfortunately at the moment I cant offer any rewards on my Patreon page even though I would like to. So for now any contributions you make are stricttly donation based, and that is MUCH appreciated!
So join my Patreon and dont keep it a secret! Lets make some dope videos together!

$108 of $150 per month
Lets hit the road! This GOAL IS A PLANE TICKET! Ill keep the location a secret for now but trust me it'll be good. 
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