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    The Lookout Network, Project Lookout and Trinity River Lookout as well as any additional local networks that may be created in the future, exist so that the working class has someone truly dedicated to watching out for them.
    We are an Liberation socialist non-profit, news and talk show, but we strive to be one hundred percent accurate. We will cover in depth any movement striving for liberation socialist change. We cover all topics honestly and, with our special bias. We do this because no one else will. We do this because it is the ethical thing to do. We refuse to be anything like CNN or FOX news, which uses the news as entertainment, and falsely at that,. We use the news as a tool for change.

We will also be using an open source reporting system, meaning any person can give us a report or a topic to cover. Join the team.   
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At this level We will produce four shows a month. We will have to pay for our own gear and can't afford to pay anyone, other that a handy man or artist on occasion. The rest of funds goes to our studio and offices rent. 
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