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About Syd Nyman

Hello there!  Do you like mythology?  Made-up languages?  Queer stuff? 
Then you may want to consider becoming a patron of The Twelve Colors, a story that features all those things, and more!

Support for this comic will help me with expenses related to running the website, and allow me to support other artists as well!

What is The Twelve Colors?
The Twelve Colors is an illustrated serial - not quite novel, not quite webcomic - that updates on Mondays.  It exists to tell the creation myth of a fantastical setting that revolves around colors and color theory.  The story draws upon archetypes and motifs present in myths from all around the world - triple-gods and tricksters; just-so stories and divine rivalries; world-erasing floods and descents into the underworld - and is intended to feel familiar, but new.

Mixed in with all this mythology is a decidedly queer take on things, with later explorations of gender, sexuality, and the interaction of cultures and societies with both.

The story also features an original language system known as Color Script, which is used in captions for the illustrations and the occasional hidden message.

Who are you?
My name is Syd!  I'm a writer and artist from Minnesota.  I'm just getting my start in the comics world and am looking forward to sharing my work with others!
The Twelve Colors is a passion project of mine that has been in the works for almost ten years.
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