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About The Undead Gaucho

Hi! I am The Undead Gaucho, artist, photographer, filmmaker, ufologist/paranormal investigator, and just a normal dude. I believe that the paranormal is normal. I don't wear tin foil hats, and neither should you. Society often portrays those that look into unexplained phenomenon as "weirdos" (cue the x files music).I believe the "weirdos" are the ones that are blind to see the strange, magical, and amazing reality we live in. So if you are like me, join me on my journey searching for the truth in my creative artistic way while hopefully building a community,having some amazing adventures, and living life. If you enjoy any of my work and want to help me to do this full time, please consider joining the community becoming a patron. Who knows what we will discover togethor....and remember "the paranormal is normal."