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Hello friends!

Thank you so much for making your way to our Patreon page. We have been filming The Union Series every week for most of the last two years, have some really big plans for the future, and we are asking you to be a part of it all.

Sterling Union, LLC is an independent production group consisting of Michigan based actors and producers. As the only State in the Union without a film office, the decimation of the Hollywood film industry in Michigan has laid all to bear for those of us who choose to stay in Michigan and pursue our creative aspirations through film - by the lint of our pockets.

We gather every week outside of our jobs, families, and schooling to write and shoot scenes within The Union story created by Jamal Hines. It is a wonderful challenge not without pain and frustration. But the reward of being able to entertain you while practicing our crafts is worth it.

We've been very fortunate to be able to create an intriguing and intense series that people actually watch, but we're never satisfied to settle where we're at. We always want to continue to grow and expand, whether it be upgrading equipment, gas money, special effects, renting filming locations, etc. in order to bring you better and better stories.

We don't expect or assume anyone will contribute to our ambitious project any more than simply watching our show. We appreciate that by itself. But if you feel like contributing more, whether a little or a lot, it'll all go back into creating more episodes.  And, as always, you are invited to join in the story through contributing ideas or participating in the the production itself!

Thank you and enjoy the show!
Jack Michael Findley
XP/Michael Owens

The Union Story:

Everything is Earned Through Blood…

Power: the only currency in the Detroit underground. Everyone desires it; few will acquire it.

For a generation there has been a secret alliance between the major families in the city. In the streets it is known only as The Union.

The Union has controled the drug and gun trade for a generation and is the only law in the Detroit underworld. It has guided politicians and business leaders from behind the curtain; shaping the entire state.

But no one stays on top forever.

After her father's sudden illness Stella Galdwin, heir to the Galdwin Empire, is forced to work with her most fierce rival, her younger sister Claire Galdwin. The two must put years of bad blood behind them and protect their family legacy at all cost as the family is under siege from both its enemies and its allies.

The Black Order Crew, run by the gang patriarch Joseph “King Leo” Grove and his adopted son Marco Paige, have maintained order in the streets of Detroit for almost twenty years. Seeing their long-time allies the Galdwin family and the rest of the Union benefit from the efforts of the BOC over the years, The Black Order Crew has now set their sights on higher aspirations. But their foundation is built of sand as secrets from the past threaten to bring everything down.

A new threat has silently emerged…

Alma Graza, leader of the Los Cuchillo Largos Cartel, slowly emerges to become a major player in the city backed by her mysterious employer known only as Theresa, a young woman with deeper roots in Detroit's past then anyone can imagine.

Loyalty will be tested and bonds broken. At the end of the day there can be only one family at the very top of Detroit.
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