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You truly believe in what I am working towards but also just wanted to avoid being categorized as a Zazu.

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#working #grinding #hustling
In a social media world where everyone seems to know exactly what they're doing and for some reason everyone is on vacation in the Mykonos - I've decided to get behind the screen and talk to a generation of individuals working to make their dreams a reality.

During my senior year of college, as I started losing my mind worrying about what to do and where to go, I realized it’s a pretty common existential crisis yet that’s not what we see online. With the highlight reel that is social media, it seems as though we’ve forgotten that great things take time.

Think of me as an in-between of Joe Rogan and Guy Raz from How I Built This, except with a lot more melanin. I am creating The Unmapped Podcast to show that everyone is the main character of their own story and that everyone is on their own journey.
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The current goal of this Patreon is to make the cost of producing the show self-sufficient. This includes equipment, studio time, file hosting and more! 

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