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For less than the price of a candy bar, you can join the party and become a Feather!  Your name (written as you chose) will be enshrined in the official logs of The Academy, along with your rank!  You will gain access to all the exclusive content of The Unsheathed Quill available only through Patreon.

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For the price of a grande latte, not only will you receive the rewards of the previous tier, but The Unsheathed Quill is digging deep into The Archive to pull out an ancient practice: Letter Writing!  Each of you who've graduated from Feather to Quill will have a personalized letter, written specifically for you and only for you, sent to you either digitally or physically based on preference.  In addition (with permission) I shall post the letters on The Unsheathed Quill for all to celebrate your accomplishment.

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You are the overpowered few.  Those who have obtained the highest levels of control over the mysterious and awesome vitae ... and the support tiers!

Those within this tier will be mentioned (by whichever name they provide) in each of the productions that The Unsheathed Quill is a part of.  Podcast?  Yup.  Hardcover, Paperback, or EBook?  Every time.

Furthermore, whenever a physical or digitial story is created for sale, each Master will receive a signed copy of that story free of charge!

Your tireless dedication to The Academy will reward you with all other tiers as well.  

All of Leiorch gives you their thanks!




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About The Unsheathed Quill

The Unsheathed Quill

The Unsheathed Quill aims to provide world-building and adventure across multiple platforms.

Enjoy podcasts?  We do that.

Like story blogs and various other writing-related content?  Done and done.

Information and updates as a man climbs the mountain towards full-time creation?  Strap-in, we've got that too.

Your support will directly fund new avenues of artistic endeavors.  Signing up gives you exclusive access to Patron-Only short stories, as well as behind-the-scenes updates and early-access to all published works.

In a nod to the realities of being an author forced to work a full-time job and the need to produce quality work, Patrons of The Unsheathed Quill will never pay unless there is a new story to read or listen to.  The updates that I post will always be free.  I value both your time and your support too much to cheapen your experience with a quick cash grab.  When you pay, you shall do so secure in the knowledge that you're getting the most bang for your buck(s).
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This level of support will allow The Unsheathed Quill to spread the wealth, and invest in acquiring new art assets and editing services for story and podcast work.  Supporting the artistic industry is a bedrock principle of The Quill's, so any chance to advance the acquisition schedule is appreciated.

Reaching this level of support per story will allow The Quill to begin posting montly podcasts for Patrons!  Complete with exclusive access and information regarding upcoming projects and all things Quill related.
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