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Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your contribution :-) I am struggling with how to develop this patreon page. Please stay tuned for updates! 




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*Phone beeps* ... [text message]. 

"Hey Mike! Question. Are you familiar with ASMR?"

Me: "Mmm, I don't think so. What is it?"

That's when my friend Jay texted me a video by ASMR artist, "Gentle Whispering."  Oh. My. Goodness. Y'all, the relaxation; the euphoria; THE TINGLES!!! I can't tell you how the video ended because I was comfortably asleep halfway through! Even more amazing, the tingling sensation IS something I was familiar with, but never knew it had a name. I had experienced ASMR throughout my life randomly, similar to the phenomenon that is Déjà vu. The ASMR experience from that video was incredibly pleasurable and almost "out of body", lol. That night provided some of the BEST sleep I have encountered (and I needed it!) The experience also began my ASMR video binging :-D.  

Soon after, I wanted to share in the experience, joining the community as a creator. I wanted to use my vocal and videography skills to help contribute to anyone, who like me, would benefit from induced rest/sleep. I was motivated to be another option for you all, as a bearer of relaxation and tingles! 

Thank you in advance for becoming a patron! I'm honored. I look forward to continuing this journey of proving intense, memorable, fun, cinematic, and perhaps life-changing ASMR experiences.  


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