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Lore: The Fourth's Kingdom

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What is Success Fantasy?
I grew up reading a lot of epic fantasy when I was a kid. I also played Dungeons and Dragons and played a lot of fantasy themed video games. I was inspired and motivated by the heroes and characters I found in these worlds, and took to heart many lessons they taught.

But as I grew older, I was disheartened when I realized that many of the lessons I'd learned were lacking. I didn't have secret reserves of unknown powers that many heroes seem to have. Instead, I learned that we carry inside us a multitude of flaws, called cognitive biases, that exist to hold us back. I didn't possess the natural knack for creating extra large fireballs of achievement. Instead, the best skills I had were gained from years of practice, not natural potential.  

Most importantly, after having my fair share of failures, I realized that the world hadn't chosen me for some great destiny. No wise mentor was going to come around and force me into going on my journey of discovery. It was the other way around - I had to choose my great destiny, I had to find my own mentors, and then I'd have to live everyday willfully aimed at achieving. 

I was more than disappointed at that point. I was actually a bit angry - at myself for being naive and overconfident, and at my heroes who, in my eyes, had failed me. Then I realized that I didn't want anyone to feel the same way, or waste the same time. I wanted heroes who failed if they didn't prepare; who took their time to learn things; who didn't have secret reserves of power; who had to work long, hard, and smart to succeed. 

That's how Xamrath came to be. I had been kicking around the idea of a fantasy universe in my head for a long time, but this hard realization gave Xamrath its heart. Granted, I don't want to cram all these success paradigms down your throats, but it's going to be there if you know where to look. Like the real world, Xamrath is a place of consequences. The actions that the heroes and villains take should reflect in their successes and defeats. Victories are earned, not destined - in Xamrath and in our world. Hopefully, reading about a place like that will help people find their happiness easier, instead of being bogged down by beliefs and hopes that work against them.

Who is The Warrior Yaz?
I'm a success fantasist, a geek gamer, a poet, and an entrepreneur. If that's sounds like a lot, it's because I aim to have 14 productive hours a day.. If you liked the sample chapters posted above, sign up to become a member and get the rest of the Xamrath experience as it gets produced!
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