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About The Waventiced

We are "The Waventiced". Attracted to vivid pulses and magnetized by good vibes. We are a reflection of our world.
It’s really difficult to describe a song in a few overused words. Words are getting worn out and down as they push themselves to fit in sentences. Wear them like a tight dress, just to be proper, just to be relevant. Every Word starts to exist the moment you create it. It is what it is. Letters could only fail, trying to arrange themselves to describe all it’s different meanings, depths and intentions. This is what I am proving to you right now. Mistakes will linger, until we are able to observe them. So we have created a mirror, a great idea to evolve.
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This is a monthly amount that will take care of the necessities of life in the city. Thus provide me with enough time, to express these thoughts that are inside my mind and the chance to prove to you that we are not that different after all.
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