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About Weatherly

Hi there, my name is Weatherly and this is the Weatherly Channel.

I've been planning on starting a Patreon for a while. My online presence is negligible at the moment, but building an audience for my work and being able to live off of that audience's sweet sweet gold is what this greedy heart has wanted for a long, long time.

I have multiple projects in the pipeline at the moment (and am constantly adding to the list), so here you will have access to all the behind-the-scenes and in-front-of-the-scenes work I do. A few examples of my Currently-in-Progress projects:

-Crocodile Tears: A stop-motion film about a crocodile who only wants people to love him! So he eats them all. What, how do *you* make friends?

-Dogs in Space: A watercolor comic about the deep innerworkings of the psyche as it reflects on its place in the univer-- oooooh snacks!

-Online Shop: The place to get all my sweet and spicy merch! Ever wanted a laser cut sperm badge to remind you how special you are among the 500 million other sperm that could have inseminated your mom's egg? Well now you sure do!

-Youtube Channel: The Weatherly Channel is an archive of all of the detritus that floats in through the tear between this universe (U-01-Anthro) and the recently-discovered U-02-WC. Fragments of art, television commercials, ramblings of random people that seem to be living in a universe parallel to this one, are all collected and stored here. For SCIENCE! (Well. For something.)

My plan is to launch a life I actually care about, working for myself! My ultimate goal is to build my own tiny house and run my business out of it, living as self-contained and self-sufficient as I can. That goal is a long way away, but Patreon is an un-ignorable, indispensable, absolutely undeniable step in that journey!

I want Patreon to be the place on the internet that gets the most-unfiltered version of my creative life, where I blog about my daily life and connect with other creators!
And I want your cash.
I mean love.

I mean...
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