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About Jae (TheWeedKitty)


My name is Jae,
I'm a creator, influencer, representative, artist, and much more! I love to interact and be a part of social media, mainly on my YouTube blog channel @jaevlogs or my other channel which is connected to my patreon! I currently am at 7,000+ followers on Instagram @theweedkitty and 60,000+ on periscope @jaevlogs! 

I've been a video editor for the last seven years, all self taught. I'm looking to expand in the video editing world. I can do many things so if you decide to purchase a video editing package please describe in detail what you need and please be open to working with me on new ideas to better the video or make the process easier for both of us! I only ask for patience and to have an open mind while working with me on any collaborations.

On the side I represent dispensaries and CBD companies for the benefits of CBD & THC. I've always used THC as a way to get around my eating disorder and I love to spread awareness to everyone about what cannabis can do for ones mental and physical state.

Right now I'm 21 and working in a retail job, I'd like to make extra money on the side as well to help with bills and food costs, if you do become a patreon you will be appreciated for life!

Thankyou very much for reading.
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If you become a patreon for theweedkitty on Instagram please know you're very much appreciate and every cent goes to work into theweedkitty's Instagram page, youtube, giveaways, and bills. Thank you very much once again if you decide to become a patreon. ?
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