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About Austin Blake Faerber

What is the podcast all about? 
The goal of this podcast is to provide value to listeners through highlighting experiences of individuals in all aspects of life. With starting this podcast, I've realized that every single person I know has something to share that can benefit others. College can be quite a challenging time and although academics are extremely important, there is so much to be learned outside the classroom, I aim to use this podcast to bridge that gap to help you, the listener, become a more well-rounded individual. 

Why do I need your support?
Upon creating this podcast, I quickly realized that there are a few monthly expenses that must be paid in order to keep the show afloat. What I love about Patreon is that you are the judge of how much value this show provides you. In exchange for offering you episodes each week, I want to ask you to consider if this show offers you enough value to be worth a monthly donation to support my work.  

Where will my money go?
Directly into my savings account for a new bike.... KIDDING... As I stated above, creating a podcast and sharing it with you on a common platform costs $$$. The primary expense that I hope to cover with your support is the monthly "hosting fee" from the hosting website that I use (basically a website in which I upload all my episodes to be shared to apple podcasts). There are numerous ideas that I have to continue to both improve the quality of the podcast and spread the podcast to reach new listeners; however, I want to start small and aim to cover this fee. 
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This will ensure that the hosting fee for the podcast is covered while also allowing me to save for future investments for the podcast. 
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