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Not everything I write will find a home in an album, but at this level, you'll be able to hear everything that ends up on the cutting room floor. Who knows, it might even be good!
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I stream my production process on twitch.tv and have a Q&A on Facebook once a week. At this level, you'll be able to see them live, and I'll do my best to answer any questions or comments that you guys have! Everybody else has to see it after it's already done. But not you. You're cool. You'll also get all previous rewards
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Wanna be part of the hype? At this level you gain early access to the behind the scenes video of each music video I put out plus any pictures taken during the process! You'll also get all previous rewards




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I am Wilson. I make music! And I've got big plans. Plans to tour, plans to release albums, plans to put out music that you're going to love. I've been involved with music from the cradle -- I grew up hearing my brothers and sisters practice their instruments and hearing my mother play her original songs. She tried to teach me piano (I wasn't a very good student!) and when I was in 4th grade I picked up the french horn, because she had always wanted a child who played french horn. And things kinda took off from there. County band, Youth orchestra ensembles, the Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps and the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps -- I performed wherever I could. And I loved it. And now I make my own music, which is pretty sweet. And it's possible because of you.

You (yeah, that's right -- YOU) make the music possible. Your belief in it, your willingness to even be looking at this page, your inevitable enthusiasm for it (as well as my for charisma and shocking good looks ;) )  and the passion with which you'll share our music and spread the love make it possible for me to be creating it. So since you're already here, why don't you donate?  I'll be delivering content every single month, live streaming every single week and making music and videos as fast as I possibly can. And I'll owe you guys for the chance to do so.

2017 is the year to make this happen. So let's do it.

Thanks for being part of this!

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