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is creating mindset & financial liberation training for people of color
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About Indigo Ocean Dutton

Hi, I'm Indigo Ocean Dutton and The Winning Start is my offering in service to a world of thriving for people of all ethnic backgrounds.  I hope you're intrigued to find out how you might be a part of this important work.

What The Winning Start Does

The Winning Start works to help the descendants of ethnic and religious groups who have faced generational persecution to heal from the lingering effects of that history and succeed against the odds. The work focuses on both the Inner Game and Outer Game of overcoming a life of suffering and lack. 

The Inner Game work is about mindset liberation, learning to see oneself without the limiting, negative filters that have been trained into many people. It is also about learning how to master one's emotions and adopt new perspectives at the leading edge of thought.

The Outer Game work is about how this economic system works. It is focused on step-by-step, exercise-based training for both entrepreneurs and career-track professionals, and those who wish to be.

Programs are currently organized into 3 primary offerings that move people from where they are at the point of first connection with The Winning Start, to the point where they are ready to do the deeper work of the training program. 

  • The Sisters Manifesting Destiny social media page, which introduces people to the liberated perspective of The Winning Start in a non-threatening manner. (This is a motivational "easy" point of entry for those new to the incorporation of a psycho-spiritual approach to success.) Currently serving 3,298; goal of 10,000
  • The People of Color Manifesting Destiny group, which provides a supportive community container for practicing a new way of living and learning from others doing the same. (This step helps people "get ready to be ready" to actually do the hard work of self-mastery.) Currently serving 1,162; goal of 3,000
  • The Destiny Accelerator training program, which provides in-depth psychological and business/career training to those ready to commit to mastering both their Inner and Outer Games of thriving as a person from a family that's experienced generational persecution. (This is the primary focus of everything that leads up to this point, to get folks the training and support they need to create real change in their lives.) Currently serving 20; goal of 100

I plan to also add a website with a blog to reach even more people and provide another way for people to learn and connect to those they can grow with. With your help that will be possible, and that is a big part of my second campaign goal.

The Evolution of the Work

I've been doing service projects for decades now. I've spearheaded the building of a land trust community for Native Hawaiians. Taught meditation to incarcerated teenagers. Served on the boards of various non-profits, and so on. Each time I was motivated by a desire to help create a world of economic justice and personal liberation for all, regardless of the family histories that denied us access to that.

But this one, this one came to me through my spiritual connection to my late grandmother. When I was going through a difficult period of adjustment to the new political reality in America following the 2016 elections, I connected with my ancestral line in a completely new way.

In deep meditation and prayer with my half-African/half-Cherokee grandmother, I saw for the first time how the family had had to adapt to oppressive circumstances just to survive. I also saw how those adaptations were still destructively holding sway over our family even now, though the laws no longer codify our oppression.

Drawing upon the combination of my Masters in Counseling Psychology and years of related experience and the fruits of that meditative inquiry, my work with The Winning Start was thus born. Just as the material that I developed then helped me unwind those dysfunctional patterns in myself and my family, I have now organized it to teach other descendants of persecution to do the same for themselves and their families.

I hope you will join me in supporting this important work to whatever extent you are able. Thank you in advance from my heart to yours.

Below you'll see sample posts of content from The Winning Start programs. The most recent ones are visible only to current patrons and the oldest two are available to everyone. Enjoy!
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