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Meet the Real Me through behind the scenes footage of myself in my regular life.  See the special time spent with the greatest love of my life, my dog Hope.  See some of the magnificent places where I go to unwind such as Mt. Washington in the White Mountains, or Mt. Katahdin in Maine.  Also see footage of my creative process.

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Literally, twice a year you will have your own personal conversation via Skype, phone, or which ever way you prefer.  Talk to me about anything you'd like.  Ask questions, give advice, ask for advice, anything you like!

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Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be like Martin Luther King Jr.   However, I'm not religious, and a profession for systemic change does not exist.  Therefore, I've had to become creative in creating a niche for myself.  To which, hasn't been hard.  My greatest obstacle has been over coming the fear that has prevented myself from bringing this content forth.  People like me are a nostalgic relic from our past. Thus, I'm most likely the only person on YouTube creating the content you see before you.    

The second greatest obstacle that I face is a general lack of support from the general public.  Being in the most affluent country of the world, my message is typically the antithesis of what most people want to hear.  However, what I have to share with the world is very important because humanity is literally counting on it.  Moreover, I know that there is a small minority of us who understand what I have just stated.  Therefore, I am reaching out to Patreon in hopes of finding those who understand the grave dangers that await us ahead.

Now that I have overcome my fear I am unleashing a lifetime (38 years) of wisdom and knowledge that I have acquired in my journey to achieve Social Justice.  With your help, I can fine tune and polish all of the tools that I have.  Not only do I have a background in Social Justice, but as you can see I am combining it with my love of story telling as well as performance and visual art.  

The raw talent and foundation is here, however, with any proceeds given in the name of my cause, I'm not only going to upgrade camera's and sound to produce excellent videos, I'm going to expand into creating a podcast (Liberation Radio).  I am also going to implement ideas that are aimed at combating gentrification, homelessness, unemployment, and the degradation of our environment.

Please watch the attached video for more information.    

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When I reach 500 patrons I'm going to not only upgrade all of my camera and sound equipment, I'm also going to buy a cargo van, convert it into a camper, and take my show on the road.  

This will include creating greater civil disobedient stunts such as actions that will shut down gas stations.
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