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Thanks so much for jumping on our band wagon. 
We'll make sure you get to see/ hear our thing before the rest of the world does because you're in this with us and it means the world!
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Thanks for joining us! This is cool and you're in the club. We'd love to send you the lyrics so you can sing along (correctly). 
we may need your email address for that xx
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You're really in this! Gosh darn it, thanks! We'd love to send you a personal update behind the scenes and share it on a Patron only blog with you!




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Hi there, 
Thanks for finding us here on Patreon. We're happy you're here!!
We joined Patreon at the beginning of 2016 and it has been WONDERFUL.
Our names are Fleur and Wesley Wood, aka The W Lovers  and we are a husband and wife duo based in Seattle (though, Fleur is from New Zealand).

We just played our 300th show together and over the last two years, we've made playing our original music our full time gig. We are no strangers to having our audience be part of our journey. In June 2015 we ran an indigogo campaign and came up with money to record our debut album. We released our album on April 29th 2016 and thanks to Patreon, we've been able to release a music video each month since. 
Here is a link to our YouTube Channel which has the 6 videos we've released since we started with Patreon
CLICK ME to see what Patreon has helped us release.

We want to continue to create high quality things. We want to make music videos.  We want to record new songs, We want to press vinyl. We want to tour for a month straight. We want to have hand drawn posters. These things take time away from being able to work our 'normal' job (Teaching guitar, fixing guitars and playing restaurant shows) where our money comes from. These are also the things that would take us to the next level professionally and globally, so we feel they are very important and would help set us apart.

The idea is to keep producing beautiful things and not have to save for months before we can make them happen on our own.
We would be tickled to have you join us on our adventures and we could certainly use the help in taking our business to the next level.

Thanks for reading xx
Fleur and Wesley Wood.

$76 of $150 per Per thing. (video, song, artwork)
20 questions. 
When we hit our next milestone goal, we're going to make a home video of 20 quickfire questions to each other. Fleur will ask Wesley 10 questions and Wesley will ask Fleur 10 questions. You are allowed to submit questions for each of us to ask and we'll ask our own to. This could be about songwriting processes, goals and influences, or just as simple as favourite things. 
What have you always wondered about us??

We'd be delighted to get a really personal video out to everyone on Patreon, too!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
Audio release

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