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Thanks lil one. you're legend and born grow to the top of the food-chain. From Wolfie, you are a small but critical part of the pack and  the Wolfs got your back B) 

Young Wolf
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Envied by the pups yet still yet to harness your true potential, you stand in the pack as  new warrior, facing down those who stand before you. Keep it up private, you're almost there B) 

A legend are you my young wolf! 


Wolfie x




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The 'real' name's Ben.
I'm using this youtube channel to have some fun and entertain people, either through funny videos, reacting to them, giving my opinion on key issues (glad to have a debate and fun in the comments) and expand my horizons. Realising all the great opportunities that comes with a drama degree.... ha, I thought I might as well try youtube. Hope you like the vids and if you like em, feel free to support the channel. 

See u guys later :)
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Just trying out the deep waters. If this even gets a single Patreon... I don't know. But me and Wolfie have much bigger plans on the next goal for our channel
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