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We are a newspaper devoted to providing unbiased news FOR FREE. As Humans, we need to know what is happening in the whereabouts of the world. However, there's a catch; ninety-five percent of the news we consume is biased to one particular political party, ideology, or group. We must engineer a solution to our overwhelming issue to assert the truth to what and what not is biased reporting. We think we found the solution...

The Newspaper That Observes,

The World Observer is literally as the name states, we Observe. Our goal is to provide Free, unbiased reporting to channel to your news, in print or online. You may say: "That's what every newspaper says." What sets us apart is the ability to view from a third person standpoint, we have set up a system in which there are a board of editors each providing their own opinion which gives the reader the option to see both sides to every story our reporters and editors will come from various backgrounds and views as to provide our signature neutral standpoint. We intend to provide FREE distribution to every reader who signs up. It will take time, but we will get there.

  • Our lead executive team consist of passionate Editors, Journalists, Economists, Researchers, and Writers, each willing to accept the various points of opinion.
  • We plan to extend shipping boundaries to provide for physical copies and online resources across the globe. All at No COST.
  • We are a non-profit funding charitable organizations, and our funding is generated from donations and Advertisement Revenue. So any support is much appreciated.

From The Founder,
Hi, I'm Kaden Ouimet, Founder and Executive Publisher to The World Observer. In the past, I have been a five-time Editor and Publisher to Newspapers and news feeds, in various communities and viewpoints and through that I learned, writing an unbiased newspaper is probably harder than landing on the moon, it takes considerable effort to asses the numerous opinions one piece of writing contains and then fixing each one, careful not to add your own opinion and ideology. It's pretty much impossible. That's, why our system of multiple viewpoints allows for different opinions to be expressed however the reader, may conclude and interpret based on the given facts and multiple viewpoints.
We don't want to make our reader's decisions for them after all, it's their mind and we shouldn't make it up for them. So let the Observer Observe, and the reader decide.

Risks and challenges
We are exploring a new angle of journalism that has barely been touched, however, with exploration comes uncertainty. We plan to integrate our system of commissioned journalists to provide unbiased opinions and feeds, while still maintaining a steady pace with the current-world happenings to find out more, Watch our video:

What Will Finance Go Towards?
We would like to present how donated funds will be spent:


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