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I'm growing a beard that might be on the verge of something, but its existence is under fire. Here's its current state:

(here is the unfiltered beard)

It has serious potential (or I think so, anyway). What I know so is that the beard I've created thus far contributed the following positive effects:

  • After seeing a bit of dried toothpaste poof out of my beard, my 9 yro daughter Jane decided that it was "beard bugs" and invented a whole fiction around what the bugs are, how they live, and what condos they build within the confines of the beard (think Horton Hears A Who, but they're in my beard).
  • While I'm growing the beard, I also make video games. My current project is a mobile fantasy RPG called Exiles of Embermark, which features multiplayer battles in one minute and a storyline created by the actions of its players. My handle in the game is "TheWizard" and the beard gives that handle some measure of credibility.
  • Regularly, when I see others with beards, we discuss them. This social ice-breaker has allowed me to make meaningful connections with complete strangers, not unlike what Pokemon Go is doing for everyone.

Now this is what I'm hoping for-- to continue to grow and cultivate this burgeoning beard. However, there are forces at play conspiring against this creation. Dark Forces. 

However, these Dark Forces have agreed that if I attain a certain level of support for The Beard, then they will also support it. So I need your help, friends. Support me with $1 or more or a tweet or whatever, but don't leave me beardless. I'm giving half the support to the Children's Miracle Network, half to the Dark Forces and offering a series of fantastic rewards-- let's get this done.
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The goal is to continue to grow this beard and it isn't actually 10 grand, but I'm not permitted to reveal the amount I need to reach.
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