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This tier is for weekly listeners and friend s of the pod  who would like to contribute to the weekly production of our show! 
Kundalini Krew
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This tier is for fems seeking alignment interested in short audio affirmations and guided meditations.  The additional funding will go toward studio time, editing and research for the meditations.  Once our initial financial goals are met we would like to begin producing self care kits this tier will receive special pricing !
The Defenders of Black Womanhood
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Producing a podcast is labor! This tier is for those who are able to give just a bit more for the cause.  This tier will receive exclusive content, stories and eventually discount codes to events and merch!




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About ThicRoots Podcast

 ThicRoots podcast is all bout normalizing the experiences of Black fem identified people living in the south. By Trusting heritage, intersections and community we are reclaiming our origins, triumphs and struggles. 

We are two inter-sectional feminist at different places on the journey to understanding, seeking our HIGHer selves while cultivating ancestral power.  We can be hilariously honest and potentially problematic, but who isn't when they are learning?

Our weekly podcast covers topics from sex and relationships to community building and mental health. Occasionally, we invite other black fems to co-host the show with us.  Our show is all about open, honest, and vulnerable conversation that proves Black fems are not alone in their experiences  and that our experiences and the way we process them are valid.  

Our dreams span far beyond the realm of podcasting.  We are currently in the process of building a collective of black fem creatives and entrepreneurs in the greater Charlotte area... Tune into the show to learn more about that :)

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$150.00 a month will cover studio cost.  $50.00 will go to the editor and hosting sites for labor. The other $50 will be used as seed money to grow the brand e.i merch, self care kits, giveaways and events.

***The last $25... well that's for patreon and their "fee".  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts