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"Thinly Sliced" is a collective of three professional videomakers (and friends!) who are all about making movies. So far we've created the 4 horror shorts above, won as many awards, and our stuff has been broadcasted all over the world through film festivals. Now we're looking to release more ambitious films, more regularly, but for that...

That's why we came aboard Patreon: to interact with cinema lovers like ourselves, share our passion for moviemaking with people who believe in our work, and want to support it financially (and morally!) no matter how small the contribution.

It's that simple:
we can't make movies without you, and we'll do them for you!

Making movie is expensive. 
So far, we've put around 300 dollars total in each of our 4 films. Here's what we spent them on:
- a camera (lately, a Panasonic GH5) and two light panels
- an actress and sound engineer
- lunch and snacks for five people the one day shoot

As you can see, bare minimum. Some may say it's enough considering our scripts; the thing is, that money dictates what can do, and we have to take this in consideration as soon as during the writing process. So with more money we would be able to create longer, bigger and better movies.

Because we're getting more ambitious and are looking to expand our ideas, and get past the "one actress, one room" setup; and for that, we need your help. Not to pay ourselves, but to give life to all these great scripts - and thrills - waiting to happen!

Our previous Thinly Sliced shorts in posters

The Thinly Sliced team from left to right: Amaury, Guillaume and Erwann

Together, let's make awesome movies come true!

So thank you in advance

for becoming a "Thinly Sliced" patreon!

The Thinly Sliced movies (so far!):

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As soon as we reach 500$, we'll be able to shoot and publish a new short on the "Thinly Sliced" YouTube channel!
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