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Every month, a 3 card reading will be drawn and posted exclusively for patreon supporters. Advice, encouragement, inspiration, and enlightenment for the rest of the month will be offered from the cards. ($15 value)

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Each month a general good vibes and positive energy spell will be cast for all supporters of this reward level, encouraging good luck and energy to head your way. A photo of the spell will be posted to help encourage and inspire. ($30 value)


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- Monthly reoccurring three card inspiration and encouragement reading. ($15 value)

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Each month you'll be emailed a personal 3 card general reading. This reading will give you an overview of the month ahead and the general theme of the month. An exclusive reoccurring reading just for you!

Readings will be sent via messages or email upon request.  ($15 value)


You'll also receive:

- Monthly reoccurring positive energy casting ($30 value)

- Monthly reoccurring 3 card inspiration and encouragement reading. ($15 value)

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About Samantha

As a writer, I spend most of my time creating words. As a witch, I spend most of my time infusing those words with magic. Telling stories and sharing knowledge is what I love to do.

Supporting me here on patreon allows me to create more free content and share resources with the world. In fact, your support allowed me to publish my novel Spirit Walker. All supporters will be treated to exclusive sneak peaks of the inner working of This Crooked Crown, as well as original spells, recipes, short stories, and other fun goodies.

It's my hope that there's enough support to focus entirely on writing and creating more for everyone to enjoy as well as personal and one-on-one services.

An explanation of the reward tiers is available here. Rewards are sent out in the first seven days of the month. Future rewards may include weekly and daily card readings, monthly topic podcasts and video series, and more.

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Thank you all so much for your support and love!
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Here's what I can do with $25 goal:
  • Burn a fancy new candle.
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  • Bring home a deck of cards to love.
  • Curl up with a cozy blanket and a shiny book to read.
  • Hoard all the tea.

As a thank you, every supporter will get a free good luck spell cast in their name.
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