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About This Game is Broken

Hello, and welcome to This Game is Broken, a board game panel show where a bunch of idiots are given a bunch of idiotic things to do. 

Well, that's what we normally say, but chances are you already know that and in all honesty it's no longer the whole story. 

We certainly are a bunch of idiots, and we certainly do a bunch of idiotic things but we are also a community, we are a YouTube channel/ Podcast and most importantly we are a group of friends who just want to make your day better, make your commute better and make you smile if we can.

So this is our Patreon and if you are reading this you might just be considering supporting us financially so firstly thank you, for even thinking about it. 

I'd just like to tell you what your support will be actually supporting so you can make your mind up on helping us out. 

The money will be going primarily to two things.

Firstly we are trying to create a fund that can help us all be together in the same place at a convention, we are from all over the place LA, the UK and Dave's European if you'd believe it. The money will mainly be subsidising flights and accommodation at a convention once a year, that's the goal, to be able to spend a week doing live shows, making some videos, recording some podcasts and honestly we'd like to hang out, eat a meal together and just enjoy each others company. 

The second thing the money will be doing is paying Matthew for the work he does on the show. At this point with everything going as it is, this is now more than a part-time job. The running of the channel and the editing of shows and other content as well as admin, social media and time spent screaming in to the endless abyss Matthew is dedicating a full working week each week to the show, which frankly isn't sustainable. We would just like to be able to pay him in some part for the work that he's doing. 

But the truth is, if you don't support us, nothing really changes. We will still do the show, we will still run the YouTube channel and we will still be trying to make you smile and hopefully brighten your day. 

But if you could spare the cost of a cup of coffee each month, or maybe a round of drinks each month or heck maybe maybe even rob a small bank with lax security in a town with not many security cameras then we would happily take your support and try and do the best that we can with it and give you that value back in our own very silly way. (Please do not do any crime)

Thank you so much for just being part of the community, we appreciate the heck out of it. 

Oh, and one more thing, within this message is a riddle, within that riddle is a clue, that clue will lead to a code, that code leads to a map, that map leads to a safe and in that safe, well that's a secret. It's also a lie. Be pretty cool though wouldn't it. 

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