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Thank you for your support. I'm so thrilled you're here!

In a nutshell:
For the past four years I have been developing and teaching a butt-busting, ab-flattening, proof-that-ballet-is-a-seriously-hard-sport, totally badass barre curriculum. It has been tested to great effect (and with great delight) all over the Washington, DC Area, and I'm here on Patreon to share it with you! I am also in the beginning stages of becoming a full-time high school teacher. I will begin graduate school in June, start student-teaching this fall, and have my own classroom by Fall of 2019. Barre is what helped me discover my larger vocation to teach (I am pretty emotional about this particular point). It also has allowed me to continually refine how I teach, and - perhaps most importantly of all - it has gifted me with a community that I fondly refer to as "the barre tribe." So...the barre tribe is going digital! I hope you will join us. 

This Patreon will...
(1) allow me to share something that I dearly love with you (barre!); 
(2) provide effective and challenging cross-training work for your personal fitness journey; 
(3) support my vocation to teach humanities and social sciences to young minds (plus you can follow my journey as I become a classroom teacher - that will be a hoot if nothing else!).   

This is passion, practice, and connection. And excitement. I'm really excited. Have I mentioned I'm excited?  

And just in case you're thinking,"Dude, Maggie, I don't dance!" 
Don't panic. We aren't trying to master pirouettes and leaps. We are simply borrowing from the world of dance and challenging your body to speak a different physical language. I'll eventually be posting some testimonials from triathletes and cyclists who have found this kind of cross-training to be super helpful.  
Oh, and I have just two rules for this work:
(1) Be game. Be open to trying something new and I promise you will amaze yourself.
(2) Take breaks when you need to. I am a monster about repetitions, so step out of position and breathe, curse my name under your breath, and then jump back in :) 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
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