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About ThisHosting.Rocks

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What we (will) do

We write articles, tutorials, and other content related to web hosting, Linux, and everything else in between. We're always there to help people with their web hosting and Linux needs, be it via email or live chat. And we're doing all of this for free.
We want to continue doing this at a faster rate, with more quality content, more availability, and faster responses. To do that, we need your help.

Why we need your help

Our site is getting quite a lot of visitors lately, which result in a lot of people contacting us asking for help with their hosting provider, asking for recommendations, requesting help with their Linux servers etc. It got to a point where one person can't even handle all the requests. We don't have enough time to write more content, even though we have hundreds of ideas on what to write. Unfortunately, the ads we have on our site and the affiliate programs can't cover the costs for our project and our teammates. So this is where you come in.

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