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New photo with a comment about something interesting or curious that I did on current day.

- every day, including weekends and holidays.

Experiences, feelings and my viewpoints
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I came from a different culture, alone, without speaking the language, even english, it was the first time I was in an airplane in my life! 

Everything is new to me, and I love discovering the culture, the way life and curiosities about other cultures.

But being an immigrant is not easy as it may seem, so here I will share with you feelings, experiences and points of view.

Norwegian language (norsk språk)
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Daily 5 posts about norwegian language, vocabulary. 

(no weekends and no holidays).

Professional photography
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Here I am going to publish 2 to 4 photos a week and you can download the photo without watermark and use it, even for commercial use.

- landscapes

- nature

- gastronomy 

*"you can use my photo" means that I am giving you the license to use the image, not the copyright.

So you should always write wherever you use this image, that the image in question belongs to the photographer Tamara Lopes Ferreira.

Printed photos + digital file + license
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You get a letter from me in your house, anywhere in the world !!

This letter includes a thank you and 3 photos in size 13x18 cm + the digital file by email, in high resolution.


- photo 1: season of the current year (natural landscape)

- photo 2: my city (street view)

- Photo 3: At the Midgard Historic Center (this can be scenery, architecture or the Borre Park) 

These photos will be exclusive to you, means I will not publish anywhere, I will not sell these photos, and you will have the license to use them in any social media, website, editorial use and commercial use (for digital and printed), in whatever amount you wish, indefinitely.

* Remember, you will have the right to use, not copyrights, the copyright of any of my photos is mine.

- It is forbidden to use the images for the subjects: adult, drugs, medication or smoking.

ATTENTION: This happens only once a month, and only 3 patrons can acquire it, and shipments are made only on the 15th or 30th of each month and the shipment will happen after I receive the payment. 

** Please join after september de 2018 **




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About This is Norway

I am a brazilian photographer who lives in Norway, I am married, I have two cats and a simple life.
I will show you the culture and give my opinion about the things that I am experiencing here.
- culture
- food
- photography
- videos
- feelings and difficulties
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When I reach $100 per month, I’ll record a video showing the city center where I live, in Vestfold.
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