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About This Is Our Journey...

Our Mission is to provide a website for people with mental disorders and for those that are struggling with daily emotions that have or have not yet been diagnosed. This Is Our Journey, is about conveying your journey, getting advised by people who have gone through similar experiences, and most importantly reading blog posts by me and others that can help you better understand that you are not alone. Here we all work as a community to help each other out with our personal experiences. I myself deal with depression, anxiety, and my traumas daily, and so, the inspiration towards creating This Is Our Journey is due to a very wonderful person I met months ago. She and I suffer from the same mental disorders and have as well experienced similar; yet distinct traumas. I found that it was important for her and me to convey our emotional struggles with someone whom we knew would understand where it is that we are coming from. It was special and it was something her and I sought throughout our lives. And so I thought to myself. Why not offer that to the entire world? It is of importance to seek out help from health professionals, but I also find it therapeutic to tell your story and your daily journey to those who will understand you best. Join the community at This Is Our Journey. Be a part of healing yourself and helping heal others.

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