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The bicycle will change the world and we need to get more "bums on bikes", as my local bike shop says. By supporting me via Patreon, you enable me to keep writing and disseminating information to help inform, inspire, and continue to work towards this goal.

I am a mother to two young girls and we live a car lite lifestyle in Calgary, Alberta. While not unique, I am in the minority in this oil town -- a town filled with cycling infrastructure, especially where I live centrally. My perspective is that if this mom can do it, then you can to! I try to lay out the how's and why's behind cycling for function: active transportation to-and-from school, biking to swimming lessons, how to buy a bike for your kid, etc. Our love of bikes extends into our free time so we also go camping in the mountains via bike, so I write about that, too, because it's fun and I think more people should know about it.

I want to continue to help inspire families to change their car-oriented mindset and shift towards reducing their car dependency, saving them money and building their health. I would also like to contribute to building community, in general, but also by creating a space for women and children in the world of cycling. And, I want to help support my family, financially, including covering the costs of running my platform: These are my goals and why I am reaching out to you via Patreon. [Any contributions made are in $USD, FYI.]

What is unique about my work, i.e. why support me? My experience, organization, and communication skills. When delving into the world of cargo biking, myself, I found it challenging to find information all in one place. As I build resource guides, I strive to make them authoritative and comprehensive, but also easy to understand, using first-hand experience, tables summarizing key points, pictures, and removing (or at least defining) jargon as much as possible. This takes a lot of time and research and is something that I would like to keep free for others to use so that I can help get more bums on bikes. With your support, I can do this.

Lindsay Bliek of This Mom Bikes.
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