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As an acolyte you support This Temple Eden. You make a small monthly gift and in return you get password access to The Crypt. The Crypt is where the latest music is kept, variations and versions of sound that is created in the temple. Each month there will be a featured track and several other pieces available. As soon as you get access there will be music awaiting you.  In addition there are acolyte only, and early viewing, posts along with other blessings bestowed from the temple.




Namaste and welcome to the cloister, or community of This Temple Eden on Patreon! This Temple Eden has opened its doors again. Acolytes are once more welcome to come and join, to be part of something more.

My musical pilgrimage requires discipline. This Patreon will provide motivation for me to take the steps, to make the music and share my journey. The highs, the lows and the inbetween days.

But what are the creeds and dogmas found in This Temple Eden? No creeds or dogmas, just metaphor as soundtrack. Ambient, electronic soundscapes to song stories.
Here's a selection of sounds and vision:

More songs on Soundcloud
And more video from our YouTube channel

We’re beginning with a simple one tier offer. Donate just $1 per month and you’ll have access to download the music. There may be more tiers in the future, but at the moment it is all about maintaining and supporting the creation of new music.

Make an offering and receive; reach out and touch sound

There will be new music every month and you’ll be part of the process. I’ll be sharing updates of the creative journey along the way. In addition, I’ll be remixing, reworking and sharing an extensive back catalogue of content. Plus, you might find the odd cover version appear as well. All of this will be constantly rotating within The Crypt, different tracks every month for you to download and keep.

You will still be able to find the music on Bandcamp | Spotify | iTunes but here you’ll be that little bit closer, like a spiritual home.

The doors are open, the sound is here. Enter and thank you, now and forever!

Can I support you in other ways?
Yes, you can also support my music by streaming and buying on  Bandcamp Spotify iTunes

Can I only pay in $ (dollars)?
No, any payment you make is in your own currency. It will be converted into the dollar amount and that’s all you pay

Can I pledge more?
Of course, you can. Any amount can be given.

When can I join?
Join anytime during any month and you’ll be able to view the post with the latest password and link to The Crypt, and your access to the music. You’ll then be charged again near the beginning of the following month and you’ll see the new post with the new links. 

When are the new month’s pieces available?
Throughout the month I will be adding music. So you support with your donation, get access to the post with the links to The Crypt and then see all the posts about the music I put in The Crypt throughout that month. 

Can I only get your music here?
When / if this music is released elsewhere it will only be available on most of the popular music sites listed above. However, it will most probably be "versions" of what is available in the temple crypt, in other words, support the music-making here and you'll get some unique content.

Have more questions, then check out the Patreon FAQ page.

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We can replace the strings on the guitars. The old strings send you thanks. They can now retire to the country where they will live out their twilight years whittling. Namaste
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
Audio release

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