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About This Week in Science (TWIS)

This Week in Science (TWIS) has been "on the air" in one form or another for over a decade. It has always been a labor of love, and always will be, because we love science and think that it has something to offer everyone.

Our style is one part Science Friday, another part Car Talk, a third part Lovelines, and a dash of Mystery Science Theater 3000. We always bring stories from the week in science that are interesting and make it fun to learn.

We need your help to keep the science news coming! The bills are racking up as we try to juggle the fun of online media production and the realities of life. Any amount of support will help us continue to provide you with a weekly episode of TWIS, and the more support we get, the better we will be able to make the show.

We couldn't do what we do without you. Thank you for your support!

Here's how Patreon works:
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When will you be charged?
- You will not be charged when you make the donation; you are charged monthly, and the amount will depend on how much content we create.

But, what if TWIS goes crazy and creates waaaay too many episodes? You can't afford that kind of craziness.
- You can set up a maximum dollar limit for how much you want to be charged monthly.

What if I can't pay for my pledges for any reason?
- As long as you delete or cancel your pledge before being charged, you won't have to pay.

How many episodes will TWIS produce per month?
- TWIS will produce 3-5 episodes per month depending on the month.

Can I donate if I'm an international listener?
- You bet! Patreon is working on allowing all sorts of payment options, including, but not limited to, Paypal.

Why does this sound so awesome?
- Because it is, silly! Seriously, though, this platform allows TWIS to interact in a new, richer way with you. As a patron you will know more about what we publish and when, and get the inside track on our production process. You might even get content that no one else gets to see! And, it will allow TWIS to keep going without relying on advertising. So much awesome in one place!

Why haven't I donated yet?
- We don't know. You're still reading? Get on it!
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