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is creating content to document his journey and help other filmmakers.
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About Thomas Brown

If you would like to help me in my pursuit to share my knowledge and create entertainment content than I would love to have you as a patron here on Patreon.

I have two goals as a digital content creator. One is to share the knowledge I have acquired as a wedding filmmaker with new upcoming event filmmakers. Lastly, as I gradually dip my toes into documentary filmmaking I want to share every aspect of my journey to help others achieve their dreams of creating documentaries. I release free video content that I put my heart and soul into every two weeks (Twice A Month). So, if you don't currently have anything extra to contribute to my Patreon every month that is totally fine. I will still be making free content for you to check out via my YouTube channel ( Brown). You can also check out my Podcast via ItunesStitcher, or Spotify.

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