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About Thornblood

Hey there! My name is, well you can call me Thornblood, and I make music. Now I'm not promising you this is good music, but have a listen and see if you like it. If you do like it and want to support it in the most direct way possible, go ahead and drop a few bucks. Those few dollars are definitely appreciated and make a big difference when I'm trying to work, make music, release promotional material and release albums all by myself. It's no secret that streaming royalties are next to nothing and I'd like to make my music available everywhere and as easily accessible and as free as possible, and this will help me do just that. Also, remember if you give $5 or over a month, you get early access to music that may or may not end up on a public album of mine one day...just saying ;). The point here really though is if you want to support me this is just one of the many ways you can do it,  and if you can't afford it, just throw out a tweet or a share from a youtube video on my channel, and it's appreciated just the same (and as equally important). Anyway, whatever you do, you rock.


- Thornblood

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