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About Alexander Sorondo

When somebody said of the book 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, "I wouldn't wanna watch all those movies, but I'd love to read a book by the shithead who did," I had an epiphany:

I could be that shithead.

Over the past three years I've watched, in chronological order, the first 500 movies off the List and I've written response pieces to almost each one. It started in 1902, and I'm up to 1970. 

On you can find my response pieces to the movies themselves but also the personal entries. After a couple years of regular posting, and after a nightmarish breakup, I decided to just turn the website into my diary. So you can read about my dating life, my professional hangups, failures and small successes. You'll read about life in Miami. 

You'll also find a link to Thousand Movie Project Podcast, which is available just about anywhere you get your podcasts. Here, I use sound clips from all around Miami to talk in quick segments about different aspects of the city, of dating, of the movies on the List and all stripes of other stuff.

Your donation to Thousand Movie Project will help me scrape out a living in Little Havana while feverishly producing, in ideal circumstances, one or two blog posts per day and about five podcasts per month.