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No malice escapes their sight, no crime escapes their ears. 

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About The Thrilling Adventure Hour

The Thrilling Adventure Hour IS BACK! Starting October 29th 2018, we'll be releasing 2 new episodes per month-- 1 brand new episode recorded in studio and 1 previously unreleased live episode. The brand new episodes will feature a mix of classic characters and new characters, canonical segments and expanded universe segments, plus lots of surprises. Original cast members will be involved as well as new cast members and new writers.

In order to support this endeavor, we've started this Patreon where subscribers can get access to the full TAH back catalog, merch discounts, complete libraries of classic segments, oddities, rarities, and more for only $5/month-- all funds generated by your generous contributions will be used to cover the costs of the new episodes and to ensure that the cast, writers, producers, and engineers are compensated fairly.

Please tell everyone you know to subscribe to The Thrilling Adventure Hour on Apple Podcasts or their favorite podcast app for Brand New Episodes and Hidden Gems from the Vault starting Mon October 29th 2018!

Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, and the Forever Dog Podcast Network 

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