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is creating a brand based and built on raw honesty.
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About Madeleine Kohnen

I'm an aspiring blogger/vlogger who is just super passionate about being vulnerable. I genuinely believe that being honest with one another could be the easiest way to change the world. I want to lead by example, so I'm creating a space where I vow to be real, raw and as honest as I can possibly be. I want to talk about marriage, faith, parenting, and whatever else comes up along the way. I hope you come along for the journey- it might not be pretty but it's sure as hell going to be interesting. 
If you're considering being part of this (whatever this is) I just want to say- are you sure? But also thank you so much. I think it is incredible that people like me can find support from places like this and people like you. You are my favorite kind of human. 

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