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Welcome to  'Through the Cellar Door'.
My name is Shaughn, and I love teaching others about wine. Come join me and learn about the places & people that make this humble fermented grape juice one of the most sublime pleasures in life. You can learn more by either checking out my website Through the Cellar Door, or just read on.

Many people feel that wine is over-complicated and difficult to understand, yet it I believe that with the right wine education it can be understood by all, and even become inspiring too.
Wine has been an intrinsic part of many cultures for thousands of years, and has inspired countless songs, poems and legends, not to mention that entire civilisations have even worshipped their favourite fermented drink.

"But what is Patreon and how can I make a difference to wine education worldwide?"

Patreon is a website designed to give support for creators around the world by pledging small amounts of money regularly, instead of funding large one-off projects like in Kickstarter for instance.
It can be 1, 3, 5 or 10 dollars, or any other amount, it’s all up to you! In exchange, and depending on how much you pledge, you get awesome rewards, you can always access free wine education information, but by pledging you can get additional in-depth guides to different wine regions, grapes and even personal wine recommendations. As a patron you may get to see behind-the-scenes into the world of wine at wine events, tastings and vineyards as well as one-on-one and group hangouts to discover new wine information.
By supporting Through the Cellar Door you help us create better wine education that can be more in-depth, tons of fun and easily understood by everyone, no matter where their current level of knowledge stands.

Salud! As you can see, wine doesn't need remain a mystery to you or your friends any longer, so grab a glass of wine, come learn with us, and I promise you'll learn something new. Besides, since it's wine, you'll have a blast learning too!

To those who have supported this wine education endeavour already over the years, thank you, and to those who haven't yet, thank you for your time, please join us for a glass of wine, and if you like what you see, and want even more, consider supporting us. You'll be well rewarded!

Shaughn Jenkins

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When I reach 20 Patrons I will create a fun & informative video on a wine I really enjoy, with room for more videos as we go!

If successful, let's do some live wine Q & A's!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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