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I have worked for my entire life. Or so it feels. I started cutting lawns when I was 13.
I did about 40-50 houses a week, always working every spare hour. Then at the age of 15-16 I started reconditioning cars and did about 60-80/year.
And at the same time I went to school.
Completed college but didn't like what I did so by a fluke I became a welder/fabricator.
Worked 10+ years as a welder and always was last in and therefore first out when times where ruff for companies. I have struggled and ruined my body but never got anything back but minimal pay in my field.

Now I once again at the age of 35 I have taken up college to become a engineer because my body is ruined after to hard word.

This site is my plee for help.
I cannot give anything back but I have given everything my entire life with nothing to show for it but my beautiful family.

So if you have a spare coin to give a person in need. Please do so and help me get back on my feet after these student loan ends.
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Getting anything is a win for me!
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