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Why hello there! I'm Thwill, pleased to meet you!

Okay so to start off, thank you for even bothering showing up to my Patreon page! Hopefully you'll like what you see here!
So long story short, I'm an artist that draws comics, SFW transformation art and stuff, mostly around the theme of Pokémon which recently decided to expand his horizon to comic dubs, ask videos, voice acting and videogame development.
I decided to let you guys decide of how much I'll get paid.At this point I'm still a small fish in a big pond but I'm sure that a little work, there can be a little something for everyone here! As I'm still relatively on new waters right now, rewards might change over time depending on how things turn out. Don't want this to turn into a chore and ruin the quality you guys are looking for.

Also if you don't like Patreon, I'm currently working on my SubscribeStar account:
25 of 50 patrons
W-wow! We actually did it!
Well with this one I should be able to support myself, my art equipment and help me pay my voice actors and editor!
Let's do this gals and guys!
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