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Hello! I create fan art as well as original character illustrations. Art to me is as much in the story it tells as the execution behind it. After years of posting on DeviantArt and Tumblr I finally decided it's time to breathe deep and take that next step.  I'm hoping the monthly churn out of fresh artwork will build a stronger portfolio that leads to making illustration my day job. With a bit of funding I should be able to purchase equipment and programs that will make the digital process take less time and have a wider range to work with. Interested in being a Patron of the Arts?

For as little as $1 a creation you can join and gain access to behind the scenes look at my artwork, art tutorials, and more. For a bit more you will receive physical illustrations through the mail as well as live stream access. I'll be posting once a month and your payment will run through at the beginning of the following month. The more you contribute the more you get access to: details on payment tiers are in the column on the right.

Where will the money go?
  • Mundane boring things like living the very least keeping my internet up so I can continue to bring you content.
  •  Important assets such as software and equipment used to create the content.

Short on cash? Fret not my friends. You can lower your payment or cancel the service at any time and keep an eye on my DeviantArt page which will host watermarked versions of finished artwork created here once they are up for sale.

If applicable, Reward Tier prices include sales tax.
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$10 of $50 per null
Once I get some traction on here I'll be able to connect more with you all and see what subjects you'd be interested in me illustrating or doing a tutorial on. When I reach $50 per month I'll do a live stream and do a live chat for those who don't have access to the live stream.
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