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is creating content to share purpose/vulnerability/intimacy with the world
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About Tiffany Lin

Hello! I'm Tiffany! I'm a Connector/Messenger and my Life's Purpose is to inspire people to feel safe to express who they are, to embody who they are mind-body-spirit, and to bring our world closer to connection and intimacy. It starts with YOU

My passion is to travel and interview people from all walks of life and learn/share as much as I can about the human experience. I have been doing this for the past year by asking one question "What are your top 5 values?" See IG : @remindmevalues and website

By placing exquisite attention, and holding a safe space of openness and acceptance, I help strangers, or as I like to call them friends to be unearth their purpose through a series of questions that will leave them with a higher sense of love and acceptance for who they are and rightness/direction for their own individual journey.

Our own struggles are real and rarely ever revealed or shared. I help people access their voice to tell their personal stories of how they were able to transfer from pain to purpose, mess to message.  Check out my LIVE YOUR PURPOSE interviews where I help entrepreneurs/healers/artists come up with their Value Statement to share to their communities. By being the change, we can inspire others to do the same.  

As I'm close to hitting 700 interviews, I sink in gratitude and anticipation. It's been a long journey. A lot of lessons learned. And yet there's so much more I want to explore...specifically regarding this concept of intimacy and diving deeper in with people. Who are we at the core of connection? Who are we without our masks on?

I want to reveal more about who I, TIFFANY, am and wanting to share my own up's and down's in self doubt, fear, shame and coming out into personal power.

Ultimately, I want to create safe experiences for people to remove their masks and identify their resonant point of connection and ways to expand even deeper for further vulnerability.

Which brings me to unveil my new project! Intimacy Is !
A platform to connect us all to our common humanity through exploring modern day snapshots of what love and intimacy really is. I will be traveling around the world collecting content from people I meet as well as writing about my own experiences with men and women within and outside my preferences, exploring the depths of connection and ways we can consciously expand our ability to receive and give. To the woes and glows!

My followers can look forward to following reMINDmeValues and private posts on my #BEDTalks research if they support me on Patreon. 

If you are someone I've interviewed in the past...if you believe in my power to heal and to do the crazy things that show you what humanity is really made of...If you are all about the Gifting Intentions and Spreading of Intimacy and Self Expression Ride, if you want to push the collective consciousness to higher ACCOUNTABILITY, POSITIVITY, and LOVE, please help me so I can help you!

Even a $1 a month with good intentions can be enough for me to keep going down this crazy path. There is fear. But inside I know there is more willingness that can overcome that fear. I'm taking the leap.
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