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You get my thankfulness~ and a creative artsy thingy.

The creative artsy thingy is part of my on-going work, based on what I have to work at the moment to accomplish the final goal of making a video game. An artsy thingy can be a completed version of one of the following:

  • an artwork
  • concept art piece
  • soundtrack
  • character
  • in-game object animation
  • game map/level
  • completed game.

I am hard at work on all aspects of game play and other video game content. There are usually 3-5 items published per month in this category.
per creative artsy thingy
A greater amount of support. The "creative thingy" is everything that was explained in previous level of support. You are just helping me harder.
per creative artsy thingy
An even greater amount of support. The "creative thingy" is everything that was explained in previous level of support. You are just helping me harder.




per creative artsy thingy

About Tigris

I am an independent artist and game programmer at Tigris, the gameplay research studio I started on November 1st, 2015. This is my full time job and all games, art, animated characters, sound effects and music are created by myself. I hope you will continue to support my ongoing efforts!

Your monthly "per-item" commitment
gives me the ability to continue my work and adds up only to small amounts per month for you. When a large enough crowd has collectively chimed in to support me, the equilibrium would have been established to help me continue to create.

Creating art and video games that people want to play is a lot of hard work. And I used to do this in my spare time, using my own time and resources. But as the scope of my work has increased, I became reliant on additional support from people who liked what I was doing. At this point, I think it is the only way to accomplish the goals demanded by the quality of the work that needs to be done.

I can only show what I have created here, and if you like it, you have an opportunity to continue supporting my work by pledging the amount of your choice per month x per item. This gives me enough resources to release a completed title. Meanwhile, I will be posting my gameplay demos, art, characters, music, graphics and animations on my private Patreon page.

My ultimate goal is to release a finished video game within the next 18 months. But I am not starting from scratch and because I have already so many assets created, there is a good possibility that the game will be finished much sooner.

So, how does this whole patron thing work?

My Patreon donation is a monthly commitment; but the amount you donate depends on how many items I publish per month. So, for example if you choose the $1 donation, and I produce 3 items in that month, you will be charged $3. This is not a single monthly payment. So, keep that in mind when you patron me.

Good news is that you can choose a limit on your total monthly budget, so you're never overcharged beyond what's acceptable for you. This option is available on the page after you click "Become a Patron". This encourages me to produce game content that eventually will result in a finished product, that you will also receive.

As a patron of Tigris Games, you primarily support my on-going daily efforts at creative art production toward independent video game development. Your donations go toward production on "per item" basis, where an item manifests itself in physical digital creation of one one of the following:

    1. artwork,
    2. animation,
    3. game characters,
   5. sprite tile sets, and finally:
   6. a completed video game

Any of the above can be an "item", and your donations encourage me to be productive, without going over the limits of your monthly budget. The more supporters I get, the more time I have to offset my expenses toward creation of better graphics, gameplay mechanics, animations and soundtracks.

These items will also collectively contribute to the release of a my next video game, which all of my supporters will also receive at no additional cost added to the ongoing donations that were already sent.

As long as are currently a patron of Tigris Games, you will receive the game, regardless of the total amount of your contributions. Continued support gets you all my itemized work, and the game. But if you quit your patron status, which you can do at any time for any reason, you will still get the game as long as the total amount of your donations is at least $25.

There is no minimum limit to receive the final video game, as a result of your on-going support. In addition, as long as you remain my patron, and regardless whether your donation per item is $1 or $15, you get a glimpse on the development process as it happens live via my private Patreon developer's log, which includes content I don't dare to post on Twitter or elsewhere on the Internet.

In addition you can follow me at:

Facebook - read latest developer's diary news.

Twitter - tune into brief updates, ever once in a while.

Instagram - see game screenshots and gameplay videos.

Every once in a while, I also make video tutorials on subjects I get to learn about myself when I work on games. So I share the knowledge there. For example, here are a few tutorials I recorded:  WebGL Tutorial RPG Tilemap Engine in HTML Center an Image in HTML JavaScript HTML Game Development Tutorial Creating Constructor Objects in JavaScript JavaScript Function Object

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