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Like my material? Want to see more books? Videos? Perhaps even a short film one day? I do too, but I need a bit more funding in order to ge there. After all, I never started writing to become rich and famous, and so far so good! All funds will be invested into the TilDeath Project. Thank you so much for the support.




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About TilDeath Project


It is in the moments when the dust beckons, the veil falls, and your stale eyes see only shades of grey that you must carry on through the darkness that relentlessly haunts you. To scrape from your mind the voices telling you that the light you chase is nothing but a losing game. To never submit to the squall of fear, adversity, and bloodshed.

It is in those leviathan waves that you must bite down, buckle up, and hold fast. Never forget that your blood is iron and your pain is salt, and they course within you. They are your choices, sacrifices, mayhem and terror, anger, light, and love. These elements are the chisel with which you sculpt meaning from the cold stone of life. They are the very essence of your deeds and the implementation of those deeds to bring forth the realities you thirst for, and if necessary, die for.

The TilDeath Project is an in-depth exploration of conflict and the human condition. It urges you to conjure your rusted oceans of reclamation in an attempt to save yourself from yourself.