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My name is Tim, and I'm a former film student who makes videos about movies, video games, and Internet culture on YouTube. By becoming a patron, you'll gain access to all sorts of little perks, and you'll also be supporting me in my quest to make higher quality videos. 

My primary channel, Timbo, is focused on:

1. Movie reviews - I make 10-15 minute reviews of every theatrical movie I see, as well as sporadic reviews of classic films.
2. Video essays/editorials - The genre of video that needs the most expansion on my channel, these are scripted screeds about different topics related to movies and pop culture. The video currently set as my intro video is an example of one of these videos. More to come soon.
3. Let's Watches - The most sporadic due to scheduling challenges, these videos feature myself and a group of buddies offering commentary over movies or YouTube videos, usually making fun of them.

My second channel, Timbo2, is focused on:

Let's Plays - I've done Let's Plays (commentary over gameplay) for the entire time I've been on YouTube, with some of them still featured on my main channel, but I've recently moved my video game-related videos to my second channel. Hopefully soon I can also include highlights of live streams.

With your help though, I would like to expand my channels to include more kinds of videos. I have lots of different ideas for things, and want to create a channel with content that's varied, fun, and interesting. This is all done in my spare time and personal funds, though, so any amount of help is greatly appreciated!
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Completion of this first goal of $50/month will allow me to get new recording equipment to make higher-quality videos, and possibly hire a second editor.
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