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About Time Cupsoul

Time Cupsoul is a website dedicated to coffee and chocolate, filled with original coffee shop and chocolate articles and photographs, curated vintage chocolate posters and relevant artistic videos/songs.

This is more than a media blog covering the design and lifestyle of coffee and chocolate; it's a place to read and experience escape, serenity, inspiration, and creativity, much like a cup of coffee or bite of chocolate can kindle, a "time cupsoul."

On the web, you will find:
  • Monday Melt - inspiring chocolate posters. Vintage posters relating to chocolate capture the history and beauty of the commodity and its culture and are posted weekly.
  • Tuesday Tune - videos curated and published every Tuesday that are meant to inspire the day. Example videos may include songs with cocoa/chocolate lyrics, artistic/design videos about coffee, and more.
  • Articles/Writings, including Industry Trend Analysis - Exploration and reviews of coffee shops in major world cities, including Washington, DC, Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires, as well as reflections on unique craft chocolate bars, and reflections on big industry news/trends, are usually posted monthly.
  • Social Media - Time Cupsoul regularly updates various pages on Instagram (daily/weekly), Twitter (daily), and Pinterest. Pinterest pages may include examples of chocolate and coffee packaging design, coffee and cocoa recipes, and more.
Time Cupsoul is not sponsored by coffee or chocolate brands, nor receives advertising funds. Chocolate bars and coffee shops are either gifted, or chosen and purchased based on preference and using personal funds. We strive for honesty and integrity in review. Your support on Patreon first helps us support our chocolate bar and coffee explorations :) Secondly, it would help Time Cupsoul purchase higher-quality photography equipment, facilitating better images for social media, e.g. Instagram, and to better highlight and strengthen blog posts/articles. Overall, your support helps create and improve Time Cupsoul content. Thank you!

From our latte heart to yours, wishing you many time cupsouls,
Time Cupsoul
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