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Become a Sleeper Agent! You get a fancy membership card that nets you bragging rights as well as 5% off any purchases you ever make from me be it from a con or online. Your membership card can have any character from the Uncyverse you want on it. I'll even sign the back and write a personal message! Heck I might even doodle on it if you are a cool person. And if you are a member you are a cool person. Fans also get random goodies, as well as a personal letter every year about the state of the Uncyverse. In the mail. Like they did in the stone ages.

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Woah. You get a fan grim on your membership badge. For those of you who don't know, a Fan Grim is a grim that you made yourself! It'll have your name on it and the name of the grim. I'll even write a blurb on the back about where it fits into official Uncy canon! Plus, if you don't want to draw it and just have an idea for a Fan Grim, I'll draw your Fan Grim for you!
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In addition to everything from rewards 1 or 3 (Depending on whether you have a fan grim or not), you get a digital copy of EVERYTHING Uncy related that comes out, be it a book, a print or special comic.




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Hey there Sleeper Agents,

Thank you so much for considering to join the Uncy fan club. I wanted to write to you and let you know what being a member of the Uncy fan club means, and why your support means the world to me.

I remember being a kid in the early 90's and seeing fan clubs everywhere. You could sign up for one for pretty much anything or anybody and being a fan meant you got a special badge, special letters from that person, and a cool knick knack here or there. As Uncy is as much of a product of 80s and 90s cartoon culture as I am, I thought it a neat way to both ask for your help, as well as give you something more for being my fans. Each level of the Fan Club gives you something different, but no matter which you pledge it gives me the same thing, the strength that comes from knowing someone out there loves my creation as much as I do.

Most of the people who are even thinking of being one of my patrons are probably familiar with my comic "Unconscious: The Grim Sleeper". But far fewer of you are familiar with the challenges I have had to go through, and continue to go through, in order to make the story I believe my character deserves.

Each page of Unconscious takes between 3-5 hours in dedicated time to create, leaving out the untold hours the stories and ideas percolate in my brain on a daily basis. This equates to around 6-10 hours a week in art time, plus the time I use to upload the comic, spread it about the social medias, and do the odd commission here or there. This might not seem like much, but I am also a full time student, full time employee, full time father, and full time boyfriend. I have to do all of those to provide a life for my family, especially my son.

Your patronage would allow me to stop worrying about finances, you could allow me to work part time and still have the funds I need to not only do all the things I need to do for Uncy, but also help me raise my child.

Your patronage would go to everything from comic related expenses (books, advertising, webspace), to living expenses (groceries, rent, bills).

I won't ever demand payment for my webcomic. I don't do it for that. But I will ask that, should you enjoy reading it, and wish to see Uncy's story completed as much as I do, that you drop a few dollars my way. It's the best way to ensure the story we both love continues to grow, as well as netting you some cool bonuses here or there.

Thank you,
Scott Markley
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My goal is, and always has been, to give Uncy the best story possible. There isn't exactly a monetary amount on that. And the ads on my page are mostly for people I like, and I have them to try and get my fans to support the people I like. So they aren't going anywhere. The only other real monetary concern I have is living, providing a home and food for my family. There is a set amount to this, but I'm not sure where to draw the line. So my official patreon goal is world domination.
Or to get on Cartoon Network.
Whichever comes first.
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