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TIme Dabblers are just starting their journey through Time Travel! They get to have their opinions about books featured in my reviews!

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Wormhole Jumpers have graduated from solely Time Travel to travelling through different dimensions! Wormhole Jumpers get to take a peek at the outline of my reviews before they're posted!

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Time and Wormhole Masters have mastered travelling through space and time. They are entered for a chance to receive a copy of a book I've reviewed and entered for a chance to write their own segment of a book review to be featured on my blog and in the review video!



About Time Machines and Wormholes

Salutations! Welcome to your very own Time-Traveler's Guide! No, we don't have the secrets of the universe here (although, I hear it's 42). Instead, we travel the realms of space and time, jumping through wormholes and galloping through the past with a different medium: Books. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, YA, sci-fi. You name it (or suggest it), chances are I'll read it!

The above is the introductory post for my book-review blog. I hope you'll join me on this journey through space and time! Book reviews will also be posted as videos, and I've been considering doing a type of reading circle/book club via either podcast or an online radio broadcast. Tiers will include (but won't be limited to) picking the next book I review, entries to win a copy of a book, and things of that nature.

You can find my blog at https://timemachinesandwormholes.home.blog
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