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Instead of hearing about the latest fad diet or in-vogue exercise, you might like to become a patron to hear about about why ultimately, context matters!

Our metabolism and physiology are affected by the environment in which we live and move. Factors such as temperature, sunlight, magnetic fields, and gravity all modulate the effect of diet and exercise on our bodies.

I'm a sport and exercise scientist with a diverse background.  Research projects in which I have been involved range from studying fundamental skill acquisition in water skills in New Zealand children, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapies in stroke rehabilitation, and dietary intake strategies to mitigate the onset of hyponatraemia in endurance events. 

Currently I am working on a clinical trial in the Department of Surgery (University of Otago) in which we are working to ascertain how many high intensity intermittent training (HiiT) sessions are needed to most effectively increase the fitness of patients before they have major abdominal  surgery at Dunedin Hospital.

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