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I do not expect more than a coffee per month on Patreon. If you can spare $2 to help me make content I would be ever so extremely appreciative. You will get access to exclusive Patreon updates and a link to join my Discord Channel

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If you are insane and want to donate more than $2 I guess you can  donate $5. Give me your birthday and I will send you a personal birthday greeting where I sing your name in one of my videos.

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About Timmy Joe

Hello, My name is Timmy Joe and I make videos about Computers on the Internet... If you're here you know why you're here. I am obviously extremely committed to PC content on Youtube. My dream is to become self sufficient enough that I can create content full time for you the viewer. I am setting this Patreon up to add another revenue stream to the channel. This will allow me to purchase hardware, new and old, fund contests and user submissions and ultimately provide quality content to my viewers as often as possible with the quality and research. I am keeping the donation amount low as I do not have much to offer to my Patreons, at least not yet. I plan on doing Patreon exclusive content, contests and more in the near future.

My audience is so awesome and grows by the thousands each month! I can't thank y'all enough.
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I am hoping to hit a goal of $500 by the end of 2019. The whole idea behind gaining monthly patreon funds would be to guarontee some income towards a rental space for me to work out of. I currently work out of my home and with a growing family it's less than ideal.
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