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Welcome to the Patreon page of Timothy Ballan. If you came here without knowing much about me, I am a writer, composer, pianist, piano teacher, and youth worker from Western Massachusetts. Of all that, most of my time is spent as a writer and composer, while I have yet to form a large audience or reliable means of compensation for this work. My lack of audience or compensation should not speak for any lack of merit to my work, however.

In terms of my music, I attempt to recreate for the listener deep feelings of wonder and catharsis that often accompany my personal acts of writing and composing. To this end, I have written music for four short films and created several albums of synthesized versions of (yet-unperformed) works. While all this music has been synthesized, I have perfected the craft of creating moving music apart from the use of live recording. Of all my creative work, I believe my music is my most effective and promising endeavor.

As for my other creative work, I do spend much time thinking and writing in general, in addition to producing a small amount of visual art and mixed media works.  In terms of my more artistic writing, I attempt to create absurd but emotive words through unconventional poetry, through collections of humorous short prose, and through evocative but often plotless short stories. Otherwise, I create presentations on music education, essays on a wide variety of social and philosophical subjects, and constant developments on a personal system-based philosophy. In terms of music education and philosophy, I often also implement personally drawn or designed illustrations which enhance the clarity and depth of such works. Illustrations especially help clarify and add new dimensions to my written philosophy.

The goal of my philosophical work is to perfect a simple and coherent model of reality, which I work toward through constant and thorough consideration and reconsideration of a wide range of far-reaching hypotheses. My current model of reality elegantly pictures reality as surprisingly interconnected in all of its fundamental elements. While this finding is surprising, it is both comforting and, when observed in detail, useful for all sorts of practical interaction with such a reality.

Just as with my other creative work, I find great merit in my philosophical work, despite a lack of audience or compensation. While I find that my lack of audience or compensation is mainly based on chance (with the chances stacked against being "discovered"), another factor is at play in terms of my philosophy. That is, while I find merit in my philosophical work, it is out of line with current trends in English-speaking academic philosophy, which emphasizes the narrow and unimaginative. Just as with my other creative work, though, I hope my venture with Patreon will offset the odds against me.

Overall, I am thoroughly invested in my creative work and believe it worthy even if it does not ever bring me much compensation. If anything comes from this Patreon page, I hope that I will at least reach a larger audience, though. I strongly and honestly believe that my work deserves and would benefit a larger audience. If I also come to be fairly compensated for the immense degree of effort I put into my work, all the better. However, both a larger audience and larger amount of compensation would most fully round out the fulfillment I already receive from producing the meaningful work that I do.

Please see my website––linked to below––to view recent and past works of mine. Financial support will only help me focus on producing content more frequently––especially music. My philosophy works online are also regularly revised, while these revisions do not add up to separate documents.

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